Sunday, July 13, 2008

my blog is gone!! oh..wait, there it is!, blogger has been really weird lately. Some times it will work, but for the past couple days, it hasn't been working at all. So, since I still wanted to blog, but had no way of doing so, I set up an account over at wordpress, which is where my sis Marcy blogs. So, I will be transferring over to wordpress for the time. We're trying to decide if we should get a new computer or not, because the one we have is completely wacko. Anyway, so, for right now, I will be over at wordpress. You can find my blog here. I will continue to post my poems, updates on me and my family, and talk about the Twilight saga there. In the future I may set up a blog similar to this one on wordpress. And let me remind you that my blog over at wordpress is still very very new. I'll be trying different layouts and such for a few days just to see what one I like best.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Kaleb Nation, a.k.a 'The Twilight Guy', has finally finished reading Twilight. He started The Twilight Guy blog back in April, when he first started reading the books. Now, he has read the last chapter and given us his thoughts. If you're a Twilight fan, and haven't read his blog yet, I would recommend you do. He's pretty entertaining, and his youtube videos are definitely entertaining. But, back to his blog. We're still waiting for his thoughts on the Epilogue, which he has promised to give us on Saturday. Oh, and he's got good taste in music, which gives him extra points in my book. =)


Monday, July 7, 2008

25 days left...

There are only 25 days left until the release of Breaking Dawn. Needless to say, I'm really getting excited now. But, seeing as I pre-ordered it from, I won't get it until maybe a week after it's been out. It's going to be torture, knowing that a lot of people have already read the book, and I'll still be waiting for my copy to come. -sigh- I told my mom that when I do get my copy (I'll be waiting for the mail every single day after August second until I get that book) I'm just going to go sit in our back yard and read it the entire day. I'm guessing I won't sleep until I finish it either. =) After all, that's what I did with New Moon. I finished that one in a day. That's probably the fastest I've ever read a book of that size. Anyway, as part of my 'letters to inanimate objects', I wrote one to my paperback-copy of Twilight. So, here it is.

Dear Twilight,
You are a New York Times bestseller. And I completely understand why. Even if you are a bestseller, somehow, my paperback-copy is getting torn apart. It's been pretty used, and I haven't even owned it for a year. So, sorry about that. Already, my little copy has survived moving, being passed around, being read multiple times, my locker, and countless other places. You are one strong book. I'm quite impressed with you. Oh, and, I have a small obsession with you.
Rose Grubb

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little piece of me

These two poems here are newer ones, both connected in a way. They are both a piece of me, of my thoughts, of my emotion, my thoughts. I've debated for a few days about whether or not I should post them, because they are so personal. They might not be my best poems, and they might not have that 'flow', but like I said, it's a piece of me.

Ice lodges itself
in my throat.
Gasping; I need air.
I stumble,
someone catches me,
wraps their arms around me.
Memories burned to
the under-side of
my lids.
I am weak,
my eyes close.
The pictures dance
in front of my eyes.
They stab my body,
I am weak.
Words try to calm me,
they do not work.
I gasp for air.
The memories come faster,
quick punches and blades.
Memories of a sister,
a friend, a hope.
I try to hide them away,
but I am weak,
and I am only me.

A Secret Wish
Can I get a moment
of serious thoughts,
because I need to talk.
I need to explain,
what's happening
with me.
Confused, scared,
angry, and only thirteen.
These thoughts
bother me.
I'll smile and lie,
but she still
haunts my dreams.
And in the quiet of the night,
I still find tears
in the corner of my eye.
I need a moment
of serious thoughts,
because I need to talk.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ACDC vs. M&M

A while back, Jon M. Chu (the director of Step Up 2) and Adam Sevani made a dance crew. They challenged Miley Cyrus and her best friend, Mandy, to an online dance battle. Both crews are really good, and the battle is still going on, even though the battle started in April. (Just for the record, I favor Jon's team, ACDC.) You can find the rest of the battle videos on Youtube. This is the first video.


Monday, June 16, 2008

A crazy ride home...and Speak

I'll start with the book first. =) Speak is Laurie Halse Anderson's first book. It is incredible. I just got done reading it, and loved it. It's so much better than the movie. And even though there isn't that much dialogue, it's still really good. Anyways, you'll have to read it for yourself. =) on to the ride home. We got to the train station early, because we had to get our tickets exchanged. Me and Molly wait on a bench while Mom goes to get the tickets. We wait a long time. When she finally does come back, she tells us that because of the flooding, we're going to be taking a bus to Spokane, and then getting on the train and riding it the rest of the way. After a little complaining, we stand up and go grab some stuff from the vending machines. (We had planned to eat dinner on the train, and didn't have anything for dinner.) We wait a while, and then our bus comes. As we line up, we start to wonder if the bus (that goes straight to Spokane. No stops.) will hold all of the people. It won't. Some of us end up having to go get on the bus that still goes to Spokane, but makes a lot of stops in between. Me, Molly, and Mom ended up on the bus that will stop. It's pretty empty, so we're happy for the moment. And then, they tell us that ten people are going to need to get off that bus because they're going to need a lot of seats for the people they're picking up later on. Thankfully, we don't have to move. Other people volunteer, and we wait to leave. When we finally do get moving, it's not that bad. I've got a seat to myself, and am completely happy. Even though I'm happy, it's still a long ride. We left the station around five (I think...I don't remember the exact time..) and we get in to Spokane around one. I pretty much got a seat to myself the entire time, which I was grateful for, because it made it a whole lot easier to get some sleep. When we pull in to the Spokane station, we end up waiting for almost two hours for our train to pull in. At that point, we weren't very happy. When we finally do get on the train, we settle in and then try to get some sleep. Thankfully, I slept okay...for the train, anyways. I mean, it was sleep, so I'm happy. The rest of the ride went smoothly, and now we are safely home, enjoying the sun and our own house.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I realize I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that. Since I'm with Marce and her family right now, I've been kind of busy..and exhausted. =) On the train, I got two hours of sleep. Yeah. Needless to say, I'm still trying to catch up. And, of course, there is always the time difference. But, it's still been pretty fun. There have been some hard times when the memories just are too much, but I think it's been okay. I mean, every single day at home, I would come across something and just start thinking about her. Some days it's a lot better than others, but it's still a hard process. Incredibly hard. I'm just glad I've got a good family to help me through all this. I'm sure the memories will never stop coming, but I don't want them to stop. I can stand the tears, and the pain, because I know I will get to see her again. But for my time on earth, I don't want to just forget about her. I loved Kelly so much, and I still do. And, some of the memories I have of her are good, and some of them aren't. It's just the way that things work.