Sunday, January 27, 2008


Every family has their good times, and their bad times. Depending on what family, usually one more than the other. I have three older sisters (yes, I am the youngest). And, yeah, my sisters and I fight--a lot sometimes, depending on the situation. Some of the fights are really bad, and some of them are just plain stupid. But, despite the fact that we fight, they're still my family. I would do anything for them. And I know that they would do the same (You would, wouldn't you, guys?) Because they know what I've been through, and they know me. Too well sometimes. =)
Anyways, my point is, that I love my family, no matter what they do. Because we have to stick together. We wouldn't have gotten through some things if we didn't.



Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rainy Days

When it's pouring outside, some people tend to get really depressed, or sluggish. Me, on the other hand, I love the rain! I love going walking in the rain..there's just something about it...Not sure what it is, but I love it! And after it rains, it just smells so good outside!! And thunderstorms are awesome!! I love 'em! And to watch lightning...that's cool too! I see nothing wrong with rain, or anything that comes along with it. ^^



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol!!!

Hey everyone!!!!
Okay..I absolutely lovelovelove American Idol!!! So, I had to watch the season premiere last night. ^^ Some of the people that try out for that competition are completely crazy! (And I don't mean that they have crazy good voices) I didn't think that Simon was too harsh last night, but that's just my opinion. He certainly has been worse than that. And, okay, the second-to-last girl on the second day (the star wars fan) she got more than a little upset. I didn't think that they were that mean to her either. It just shows how mature she really is. Honestly. She had to expect some remark on her costume. And when you admit to being a dork, you have to learn how to take other people calling you that. Because, you call yourself a dork, and others are going to. It's the way of life. ^^ Anyway, I thought that they got some really promising contestants so far. I can't wait to watch tonight!! (The auditions are the best thing to watch, because then you actually have something to laugh at!!)

Peace everyone!!


PS: I hope everyone is having a great 2008 so far!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Can you say crazy?

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but my 2007 was..interesting. The year started with being moved to a semi-new town, and starting at a new school. Fun, right? Uh, no. Not exactly. Three months later, I was home-bound. Finally! I survived the rest of the school year, and got all excited for summer, because that's the type of girl that I am. Summer was fun, but we were limited to one small camping trip. =( A shame really. Other than that, my summer was spent at home, chilling with my friends and rocking Guitar Hero. It was an uneventful summer, but still packed with fun. (Well, if making short, stupid, 'horror' films is fun, that is) Alas, it did not last long. I started school again, but was, yet again, moved to that not-so-new town again, about a month in to the school year. Luckily, the new school is awesome, thanks to my new buds. My own birthday (taking place in November), was pretty dang awesome if I do say so myself, even though my bestest buddy in the entire world (Kels, that would be you) didn't get to be there. After my b-day, the holiday season came fast. December flew by. My school let out way early, giving us three weeks for Christmas vacation. (Sounded like fun at the time, but I am so ready to be back) Christmas was super fun, despite the fact that I was sick. After Christmas, we had New Years Eve. Nothing big happened, but we still had a good time. All in all, my year was crazy, but still fun.
I hope everyone is having a great 2008 so far.