Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol!!!

Hey everyone!!!!
Okay..I absolutely lovelovelove American Idol!!! So, I had to watch the season premiere last night. ^^ Some of the people that try out for that competition are completely crazy! (And I don't mean that they have crazy good voices) I didn't think that Simon was too harsh last night, but that's just my opinion. He certainly has been worse than that. And, okay, the second-to-last girl on the second day (the star wars fan) she got more than a little upset. I didn't think that they were that mean to her either. It just shows how mature she really is. Honestly. She had to expect some remark on her costume. And when you admit to being a dork, you have to learn how to take other people calling you that. Because, you call yourself a dork, and others are going to. It's the way of life. ^^ Anyway, I thought that they got some really promising contestants so far. I can't wait to watch tonight!! (The auditions are the best thing to watch, because then you actually have something to laugh at!!)

Peace everyone!!


PS: I hope everyone is having a great 2008 so far!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm responding to a different post than this...but I thought if I left a comment way down on the page you might never see it.
Girl, we need to talk music. I LOVE, LOVE A Fine Frenzy, especially "Near to You." Her voice is so pure and she's self-taught on the piano! You should check out the songs on my playlist...I think we have similar taste...

Broken - Lifehouse
Lullaby - Sia
Paradise - Sarah Fimm
Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
Storm - Lifehouse
Cut - Plumb
Anything Rosie Thomas, but especially "Death Came and Got Me" and "Guess it May"

I need to give you my new cd too - I hope you like it!

Miss you and hope to see you and hang out soon.

Love you RosiePose.


Sam said...

"Near to You" is such an awesome song!! It's the first song I ever heard by A Fine Frenzy, and I instantly loved it!! I just got her CD, and I'm listening to it all the time.
I can't say that I've heard the songs on your playlist, though I think I've heard another song by Dashboard Confessional....the name is familiar anyways.
I would love your new cd!!
I hope you guys feel better soon!!! We need to get together!

Love ya Marce!!


Sam said...

Whoa. That was ironic, Marcy!! As soon as I read and commented back, I turned on my mp3, and A Fine Frenzy was playing!! Have you heard "Last of Days"? (That's the song I'm listening to right now) I love it! She just has this amazing voice....

Oh..we should really get together and do some gardening!! ^^ ((I should really work on how I answer the phone..something like 'hello, this is Rose, and not Molly.' That might work..))

Love you, Marce!!


MarcyLarcy said...

I'll make you a cd of my playlist so you can listen to those songs.

When you answer the phone I think you should just say "Hoy! Me not Hooly Booly, me Hunky Dunky." That way I'll NEVER mistake you for Molly again. Oh, and you must ALWAYS answer the phone this way because you just never know when it might be me.


Deep Thoughts said...

I'll never forget the day I found the skull in the woods. Of course I called the authorities, but then I started to get curious about who this man was, and why he had deer horns.

-Jack Handey

Sam said...

Yeah...and then if it wasn't you on the phone, the person would be really confused! But, oh well!! =)
Are you guys feeling any better over there today? I hope so!!