Monday, July 7, 2008

25 days left...

There are only 25 days left until the release of Breaking Dawn. Needless to say, I'm really getting excited now. But, seeing as I pre-ordered it from, I won't get it until maybe a week after it's been out. It's going to be torture, knowing that a lot of people have already read the book, and I'll still be waiting for my copy to come. -sigh- I told my mom that when I do get my copy (I'll be waiting for the mail every single day after August second until I get that book) I'm just going to go sit in our back yard and read it the entire day. I'm guessing I won't sleep until I finish it either. =) After all, that's what I did with New Moon. I finished that one in a day. That's probably the fastest I've ever read a book of that size. Anyway, as part of my 'letters to inanimate objects', I wrote one to my paperback-copy of Twilight. So, here it is.

Dear Twilight,
You are a New York Times bestseller. And I completely understand why. Even if you are a bestseller, somehow, my paperback-copy is getting torn apart. It's been pretty used, and I haven't even owned it for a year. So, sorry about that. Already, my little copy has survived moving, being passed around, being read multiple times, my locker, and countless other places. You are one strong book. I'm quite impressed with you. Oh, and, I have a small obsession with you.
Rose Grubb


Molly Moose said...

after you read it, let me.... k??

Patty Grubb said...

i have first dibs after rose - and rose, i'll pay you for that spot.

so there molly

Laura said...

I'm not 100% sure but one of my friends ordered the last harry potter book online and it was guaranteed to be delivered on the release date.. so it might be the same for breaking dawn, i'm not positive though..especially since you're in the middle of but it could happen!