Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hello again!!

Okay. That Kelly Clarkson concert was the best in the world! I loved it!! I didn't recognize the name of the guy who opened for her, but he was good also. (He had some wicked good skills on the piano) Unfortunately, the pictures I said I would put up will not be available. They didn't really turn I don't think I should put them up.

So, we got to the concert after struggling to find a parking place and found out that they weren't letting anybody in until 7:00. We had a half hour to kill, so we admired the theater we were in. Thankfully, they let us in early! So we sat in the crowded theater seats (which were comfortable) and waited for another half hour for the concert to start. At exactly 7:30 the lights dimmed and the music started!! Yay! Like I said, we had never heard of the person who opened for her, but he was good. We ended up buying his cd. After he ended his last song, the lights came back on and we waited while they set everything up for Kelly. Oh my goodness, her opening was amazing! If you have seen the front of the cover, she had those same stairs on the stage and was sitting on them. Her band-mates were all posed in various positions on the stage. And then strobe lights went off (I'm not very fond of them, but I was fine with it this time) and the music started. The cheering from the crowd was so loud! Although, I must say, I was contributing to the noise. I was happy that she sang songs from her two most recent cd's: Breakaway and My December.

After the concert was over, my feet were tired from standing for two hours straight, and my throat was aching from cheering and singing so much. But it was completely worth it. ^^ If you ever have a chance to go to her concert, go. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself! I know I did!



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Patty said...

i'm glad you had so much fun at the concert. there is so much positive energy at a live concert - it's the best. so i'm happy you got to go and isn't that dad of yours the best for taking you there. he loves his girls so much.
you are such an amazing young lady (i like that adjective too!) hope your birthday is wonderful.
love you hon