Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm just going to post a poem I wrote just a few minutes ago. It's one of the most personal things I've written, and I've written a lot of personal things. That's all I'm going to say, so here's 'Lifeboat'.
There was so much
love in her heart,
the girl who
was sick.
young but old.
So blessed,
even when
hard times came.
A contagious smile,
a beautiful personality.
Such a hard worker,
accepting life as it is.
Watching her strength drain,
the fight end,
forever in my mind.
Tears and silent prayers,
then and now.
Seeing her motionless,
like seeing a
candle blown out.
The candle is still there,
but the flame
is no longer visible.
Sitting in Heaven,
she sees us down here.
Memories pop up everywhere;
a song, a room, a picture,
always fresh tears.
Time goes on,
we're clinging to
the promise
of seeing that smile
the day we join her.


Don said...


This poem is beautiful! I love it very much.

Patty said...

as always, you are able to put into words the thoughts of my heart.
do you know what the expression means - "still waters run deep"? you have such a peace about you but also an amazing depth. i will never forget looking into your eyes your first days at home after you were born - they seemed to be eyes full of wisdom beyond their years. that was and is true.
love you so to me about Dad's idea for your poems....

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose, I miss her so much too. Sometimes, being so far away from you guys, I forget that she's really gone from us. Like it's all a weird dream.

Love you and cannot wait to see you.

Kelly's runner said...

Dear Rose,

That is a truly beautiful poem. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Cathy said...

I check your blog weekly never leaving a message.
I must this time - Loving poem, your words can be felt and understood.
Peace, hope and a new day,

Molly Moose said...

Rose, you are so hackin' awesome. I only wish I could express all those kind of feelings in a conversation, let alone a poem! You are going to be famous some day, and I'm loving watching you get there!

Sue's News said...

Dear Rose,
This was so beautiful and touching. I think that God has given this gift of writing to you for a reason. Because you are so strong and yet so vulnerable, because you follow your heart and go where He is leading you in your writing, because you are so articulate and imaginative, you are going to be able to comfort and inspire many people. I am honored and blessed to be counted as one of your readers.

You remain in my daily prayers,

God Bless,