Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Running through my mind

Don't know how to say the words out loud,
so I write them all down.
Thoughts, feelings, dreams,
all recorded here.
Hiding sometimes,
clear in other places.
The summer is coming quickly,
school went by too fast.
So much changed,
and I don't know who I am now.
Writer, insomniac, and utterly confused,
so many things are new.
Worried about going there again,
worried about the memories left there.
Things I want to forget,
but so many things I need to do.
They hide there,
they're not clear here.
Images I don't want to see,
haunt me in my dreams.
Fight sleep just to escape
the coming nightmare.
Drown out thoughts
with loud lyrics.
A smile, a laugh,
hardly seems fair now.
Life goes on,
even without you here.
The sun comes up, the sun goes down,
and I'm still standing.


Molly Moose said...

Rose, I'm kinda running out of things to say, because you amaze me more every single time you write something new! You have an absolutely awesome gift!

Don said...


Another awesome poem. I love you.


Patty Grubb said...

and just the standing takes great courage doesn't it?
we all appreciate the beauty you create through your poetry.
love you