Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy Days

You know those type of days. The ones where everyone sleeps late, and then just sits in bed for a while longer, trying to become fully awake before showing yourself to the rest of the house. Today was one of those days. Kell had some doctor stuff this morning, but the rest of the day was spent at the house. Molly practiced guitar (we're going to be international superstars someday you know) and I read a lot. (Reading is a very good lazy-day activity) In my family, it seems like we're on the go a lot. So it's nice every once in a while to just sit at home and watch movies. Those are some of the best days. When you can just sit and be comfortable. I love weekends.


Patty said...

i love weekends too. and it was just such a nice day to relax. i did get pretty grumpy at one point though. sorry about that - i think i was just wanting a little alone time and boy that's hard to come by! selfish me. i'm so happy you enjoy your family - ithink we have a pretty awesome unit here. when other parents talk about the troubles they have with their kids, i just think,"Thank you Lord for how blessed we are."
love you so much. pester me to take a walk - i am so lazy lately but i'm always so glad for our "walk and talks"

Molly Moose said...

We will someday be International Superstars/Rockstars!!! You can practice guitar with me any day of the week! (Just to let you know, we (me and mom) named my guitar Stella, cause it's close to Stelar, but still sounds like a human name!)

Love you lil one!