Monday, February 25, 2008

Whoo hoo for poetry!!

This one is called 'Stupid Reality'

Stupid Reality

Sunlight is shining through my windowpane,
rain is falling on my heart.
Thunder rages in my head,
and the birds are singing in the trees.
Everything that's going on around me,
feels like stupid reality.
And you all sit there, and judge me,
while you can't even really see.
You wouldn't think of discovering what I'm all about,
instead you believe what you don't know.
You wouldn't dare to be different,
you wouldn't dare to let them know you have a not-so-perfect life.

You don't know what to do, so you put labels out.
And you try to fit in with the rest of the crowd.
As the sunlight streams in, and the rain falls,
life goes on.

You have to find your place, and count your blessings.
Don't try to impress,
be yourself and no less.
So I say to you now, my dear,
the choice is yours.
Will you let the rain whisper to you,
or will you continue as you are?
As the sunlight streams in, and the rain falls,
life goes on.


Patty said...

this is have captured my feelings on paper.
incredible word pictures, incredible pain expressed.
i love you so much and i just love who you lover (fanatic seems more appropriate), old writer (this stuff doesn't come out of most 7th grade minds you know), sarcasm dripper/oozer (depending on the time of day), book devourer, family lover, faithful servant.
i love you and that there is so much to love about you.

Donovan said...


I love your poems. You have such a gift and continue to amaze me each and every day. What an awesome young lady you are turning into. I will continue to check your blog for more of your insight into the world.

Love you,


Patty said...

hey - i've been checking this blog every day.
in case you didn't hear me (have your headphones in?)
HEY!!! let's see something!!!!!