Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome to Thursday

So, I'm sitting here, playing Poppit on Pogo (I loves that game) and trying to figure out what to blog about. (Remember that last post about writer's block? ^^) And, behold, I sat here in front of the computer, and Thursday arrived without me knowing it. It's strange how time passes like that. It goes quickly, and you hardly even know sometimes. Other times, you can be aware of every minute. Like when you're waiting for something, time can drag on forever. (But I don't have to tell you that.) Anyway, this day (I guess it was yesterday now. So, Wednesday) went by so fast, I can't believe it's gone. I wonder how many days I'll have like this? How many days will go by without me hardly knowing? I just hope that even if the days go by quickly, I'll still remember it. Especially now. I want to remember every day I have with my sister. Yesterday, (or, Tuesday) my sister gave us a quite a scare, and now, it all seems so much more real. I mean, any of us could be gone soon, and I just don't want to forget all of these good times right now. It's important to me to have these memories.
Hope y'all have a great rest of the week/and weekend

EDIT: Okay, so when I first posted this, it says I posted it on Wednesday at 11:51 PM. I'm staring at my clock, and unless I've gone blind, the numbers read 12:45 AM. *sigh* Is my computer just messed up? Anyways, by my standards, Welcome to Thursday.

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