Monday, February 11, 2008

We Never Really Know

Lately, I've been thinking about what's going to happen in these next few years. My older sister is battling leukemia, and when a family goes through something that changes your life as much as that does, you really have a different outlook on everything. One thing this experience has taught me is that you have to have faith. You can't go through something like this and not have faith. It's just too hard. I can't imagine going through this and not knowing that God is going to take care of my sister. Because He is taking care of her, and all of us. It may not seem like it sometimes, because we go through a lot of pain, but He is. I mean, sure, a lot of things have happened in my life, and you sometimes you wonder how much you can be loved if things like that happen. But then I look at what I got out of the experience, and how it made me stronger, or how it brought me closer to my family, and I know that there was a reason it happened. With my sister having leukemia, I've moved a lot so that she could get treatment. It never is easier to just pack up and leave, but every time that we do move, I meet new people. And, if nothing else, I am now pretty darn good at packing a suitcase. Every time we move, I see new things. I learn more about myself, and what I really do love. It brings me closer to my family, and it makes me stronger. This brings me back to my faith. I may be young, but I know about it, and I know how I feel about it too. I know that it confuses me sometimes, and I know that no matter what I do, I'll still be loved by Him. And so, it doesn't worry me that I won't know where my life is going until it gets there.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week.



Patty said...

wow rose - you continue to amaze me with your maturity and wise insight to the world. i love you so much yet God loves you so much more because his love is perfect! i love the scripture where Jesus says he "hems us in behind and before." isn't that a comfort to know that he is leading the way but he's watching our back, close by, snuggling right in there as we go on.
love you so much - can't wait to spend Valentine's Day with you girls.xoxox mom

Patty said...

hey, where's another entry - i'm waiting.....

Kelly's runner said...


Wonederfully written. Great to see the strength that your faith gives you.

Thinking about all of you right now.