Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dedicated to Gavin

I wrote this poem after spending a fantastic day with my two-year old nephew, Gavin. I love you buddy.


At a little over the age of two,
the world excites you.
So much to see,
and so much to do.
You laugh easily,
and just need someone to love you.
A bit shy,
but ready to trust.

An entertainer,
and a dream-maker.
You make me laugh;
how I wish I could hold you forever.
You take my hand,
and show me how you see things.
You see the beauty in a simple flower,
and you notice the wonders of the world,
the rest of us have forgotten.

You have opened my eyes
to the world,
with only your innocence.
And I enjoy every minute
that you spend with me.
I'll love you no matter what you do,
because that's the way aunties are.


Gavin said...

Sank chu Auntie Row. Joe Joe's PIzza. Kitty. Papa bubbles. Go shoes nigh-night. Elmo George Nate okay. 3-2-1...Gooooooooooo!

marcy said...

Thank you for loving our boy so much! Someday when you are a mama you will understand how much it means to have other people adore your children. Your words are beautiful. I love you sis. You are an awesome auntie and your nephew adores you back.

Molly Moose said...

You captured what he means to all of us! You are a brilliant writer Rose!