Monday, March 3, 2008


I realize a lot of you probably don't get what I talk about in my poems, because sometimes, I hardly get it. I just write down what I'm feeling at the moment, and then sometimes I'm like, 'Oh. Wow. I never knew that's what was going on inside of me." The last poem I wrote was one of those times. It was just what I was feeling at that moment in time when I wrote it down. I don't expect any of you to 'get it'. You don't have to. That poem was actually more of a general statement of the people around me right now. A lot of the lines were what I was feeling, but I assume a lot of us are feeling that way. But, I would love to hear what you think my poems mean. It's really interesting to me to hear how other people perceive a poem--not just necessarily things I've written. So, again, I love love love getting comments!! And, if there's a poem you really like, I would love to hear about it!!



Patty said...

okay so she's not a good friend and she probably won't understand. but i still love the poem. especially "inspiration and devastation walk a twisted road" - that takes strength for someone to be inspired through a devastating experience. and that's you....strong, tender (despite the dripping or oozing sarcasm), funny, talented. we love love love you!!

Donovan said...

well i think i understand most of the poem. the secret part is what i don't know. I guess it must mean you have a boyfriend you haven't told me about!!! is that right??