Monday, March 24, 2008


Hello everyone!! I wanted some input from my readers..I'm entering a writing competition for writer's digest, and I wanted to know if any of you had a favorite that you think could win! I'm having trouble deciding which ones to submit. (If you would like to enter the competition, go here for guidelines and entry information. )
Well, while you're deciding that, here's another poem! It's called 'A Temptation in the Sea'.

A Temptation In The Sea

I was finally in the sun,
and then I tripped again.
I fell deep in to a mistake,
and now I'm drowning in this lake.

Dark and dirty;
water in my mouth.
Going down my throat;
I can't get it out.

I feel sick;
don't know how to get out of this.
Stupid mistakes;
stupid lies.

I can't say I didn't see it coming,
that would just be another lie.
And every lie
pushes water over my head.

This is never-ending;
this water will always be here.
It's my job to ignore it,
and not fall under the temptation.

The waves call to me,
and the breeze whispers my name.
The devil is in these waters,
and he's just waiting for a mistake.

But someone will come along
and save me if I don't save myself.
It's my job to ignore the sea,
and not fall under the temptation.


Sue Kinney said...

I just wanted to drop you a comment and tell you that I just can't decide which one is BEST!! they are all so good... but I am still trying to decide.

How much time do we have? :-)

Sam said...

lol...the deadline is May 17th..plenty of time to get some in!! =)

Molly Moose said...

Remember how we were talking about how the devil would love to tear us apart during these hard times?? This totally describes the temptation of temptation, if that makes any sense at all!

sue kinney said...

o.k. I read them all again... these are the ones that I really liked (love!), but still can't pick out an order...

What I need Today
The Day I look Forward to
Stupid Reality

These are my top three... I am amazed at your poems, Rose... As I went back and read them all again, I realized that they are such a powerful collection! Each poem brings different emotions out, and yet they all have the same faith, humility and humanity that speaks to us all. I think you are very talented and wise. I look forward to reading more!

marcy said...

I love The Day I Look Forward To for sentimental reasons, but I have to say, I think What a Morning Mind Creates is perhaps one of the most creative things I've ever read. It blew me out of the water. Love it, love it. Can I have five votes instead of just one?

Vote 1: What a Morning Mind Creates
Vote 2: What a Morning Mind Creates
Vote 3: What a Morning Mind Creates
Vote 4: What a Morning Mind Creates
Vote 5: Adventures in the Life of Hubert the Electric Porcupine (you haven't written this one me, it's going to be a good one!)