Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Important Things

My sister, Kelly, just died yesterday morning. It's the hardest thing to lose one of your sisters, and also a best friend. It's comforting to think that she is now sitting in Heaven with the Lord. We're lucky to have a good support system, and lots of family visiting us. We're lucky that we had such a good time with Kell, and that we have lots of good memories. Here's a poem that I wrote today...It's called 'What I Need Today'.

What I Need Today

Hard times,
and millions of tears,
you've been there,
every single year.

You saw my first steps,
you heard my first word.
You watch as I get older,
and learn new things.
You're there for everything.

You love me so much,
and I love you.
I don't know what I would do
if I was alone now.

But you're there every step,
helping me along.
And if I fall down,
it's your hand that I take.

You've heard me pray
and you've heard me lie.
You take my imperfections,
and love me how I am.

I love you,
even if life doesn't
turn out the way I planned.
Your plans are so
much better planned.

My life is in your hands,
mold me to your ideal,
and I'll trust you.

Help me grow closer to you,
and help me trust in you.
Because I'm not perfect,
and I never will be.
And I need your help,
to get through this time.

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Molly Moose said...

Rose.... I'm running out of words to describe your wonderful poems. I can't believe what an amazing writer you are. You are going to accomplish so many things as you get older. I can tell already!! (Hey, maybe you could be my songwriter! Hahaha!! But seriously.)