Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, you guessed it! Another poem!! I believe this blog is now pretty much dedicated to poetry. What can I say? I love to write! Anywho, this one is called 'Are We'. I wrote it a while ago...and I had almost completely forgotten about it. Then, I was just reading over some stuff I had written and I stumbled on it. I do that a lot. So, hope you like it!!!

Are We

I hate these times,
when the rain is never-ending.
And we are drowning in this river.
We have been drowning for ages,
never dying, but not quite living.
It's enough to kill,
but we stay strong.
Or do we really?
Are we as strong as we seem?
Does fighting the current count for everything?
What about the truth?
And what about faithfulness?
Do those count for anything towards strength?
If they do, maybe we aren't as strong then.
Because we hide the truth,
only telling what they need to hear.
And we only stay faithful,
while there is something there for us.
And we only seem strong on the outside,
where it counts for nothing.
But we are weak on the inside,
where everything counts.

I hate these times,
when we don't speak.
And we are kept quiet by many things.
We have been like this for some time now,
or were we ever anything else but this?
Maybe it's always been like this.
Maybe no one ever ever really speaks.
Or do we really?
Does anyone say what's really on their mind?
Or what they want the most?
And do they really want to say so much more?
Or is that all they have to offer?
I wish I knew.
I wish I knew if everyone suffered
as we did, do, and maybe will.
I wish I knew if everyone told the truth.
If they were hiding,
or if they were coming out of that old shell.
And we only say what they want,
where words are empty.
But we think of what we want,
where nothing is wrong, and everything makes perfect sense.

I hate these times,
when I don't know if
we are.
Are we?
That is the question I seek the answer to.
And it is what haunts me at night,
in the dark.
Are we?
Are we what we want to be?
Or are we just what they want us to be?


Patty said...

fantastic as always....
full of meaning...
you're amazing.
Hey! are you talking about me?

big sis said...

Missing you already, Rose.

Molly Moose said...

love it!!