Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Okay..well..it's taking me forever to decide!!! Right now..I have three definite choices. They are:
What I Need Today
What a Morning Mind Creates
Stupid Reality

I think I'm going to be entering one more..so now I just have to decide!!!

So...let's see..I'm going to post another poem on here that I'm considering for the last one to enter. Tell me what you think!!! It's called Closer.

A silly mistake I made again;
I just keep falling down.
My feet are tired,
and my skin is broken.

Such a confused mind,
with a lost path ahead.
My hope is gone,
and I'm barely breathing.

But a light is coming
and I think I found the path again.
All I needed was a little faith,
and I pulled through.
I will heal slowly,
but these wounds won't stay forever.
I can see my happiness
getting closer.

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