Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekends of snow

So..this weekend, it's been snowing and pretty cold. Typical weather for us, but still kind of cool when the sun's out and there is blue sky and we're getting winter storm warnings. Finally, we've had a pretty calm weekend. Molly had music festival on Friday, which was a little boring to go to..but the songs that the choir did were pretty awesome.
Yesterday, me and Moll went to the movies with two of our friends. (One of which was our bandmate, Kelsey.) We saw the movie Jumper. It was really good. They had a really awesome cast, which is an added bonus. And, of course, who really minds looking at Hayden Christensen for a while? =) After the movie was over, Kels came over for a while and we just hung out. We watched some JKL videos on youtube...which are the best videos in the WORLD. It's just these kids doing a whole bunch of random stuff, but they are really really funny.
And now..we're all just being lazy. We've been busy lately, and it's nice to finally just be calm. It seems like we hardly get to just sit, and not have anything to do for an entire day. So, whenever I get the opportunity to have a relaxed day, I'm going to hold on to it.

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