Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Hope

Yep. I've been reading the Star Wars Trilogy (which is A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). Yesterday, I finished A New Hope. Honestly, these books are amazing to read. The descriptions are awesome, and at times, quite funny. One of my favorites is the way it describes Darth Vader. Here's the description from A New Hope....
Two meters tall. Bipedal. Flowing black robes trailing from the figure and a face forever masked by a functional if bizarre black metal breath screen--a Dark Lord of the Sith was an awesome, threatening shape as it strode through the corridors of the rebel ship.
Fear followed the footsteps of all the Dark Lords. The cloud of evil which clung tight about this particular one was intense enough to cause hardened Imperial troops to back away, menacing enough to set them muttering nervously among themselves. Once-resolute rebel crew members ceased resisting, broke and ran in panic at the sight of the black armor--armor which, though black as it was, was not nearly as dark as the thoughts drifting through the mind within.
It's awesome, right? I mean, you can just completely picture that. I'm one of those people that if I read the book, and there's a movie, I have to watch the movie too. Of course, I've seen all the Star Wars movies before, but not in a while...so, of course I'm going to watch it again! Anywho, just wanted to share that little description with you all.

Hm...another update. After a whole lot of thinking, looking at my poems over and over (and over) again, I've made a hard decision. I've decided that I'm going to wait to enter the competition. I don't think I'm quite ready yet. So, I'm going to keep writing, and just enter a different competition later on.


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