Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bubble Wrap: Cheap therapy, or packaging material?

So....what's been going on with me this week? Me, Molly, and our other sister Kelsey (okay, okay. She's really not related to us...but she's like we'll just call her sister) decided it would be pretty awesome to start a 'band'. So, we're working on getting that together...though we only have lyrics at this point, and guitars that we really aren't sure how to play very well. (Of course, we know a little, and, besides, people can become famous with power chords, right?)

Still making a decision for the competition!! Who knew it could be this hard?

Well..I should probably explain the title now. This past week, I've discovered how to deal with all that's been going on when it gets to be too much. The first is just listening to music, really really loudly. It really drowns everything else out, even though it may bother the rest of my family at times. Playing guitar can help too, though that has woken up a certain sister of mine on a Saturday morning. =) And just talking, with everyone, helps a whole lot.
Well, that's it for now!!

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Patty said...

your music absolutely does not bother me. do what it takes to feel better sweetie. and you know i love talking to you, except when i'm posting comments on blogs.
p.s. love the band idea