Friday, April 25, 2008

So many distractions...

The hardest part of writing a full story for me, is actually staying with the one story. It's nearly impossible for me to have only one story idea in my mind at a time. I'll be writing something, and all of a sudden, I just get an idea, and I get distracted. It happens a lot. I've found that I write certain things to certain music, because I always listen to music while I write. The most recent story I'm writing, which was actually started yesterday, I've found that listening to Feist's newest CD is my musical inspiration. =)
Besides the distraction of other ideas swirling in my mind...there's just so much going on around me that makes it hard to write sometimes. I find myself writing at kind of odd times/places. Today, I was waiting for my mom while she was mailing a package at the post office, and I could finally have no distractions while I wrote. Of course, I didn't bring any paper, and so I found a napkin and scribbled a few sentences out before we had to get going again. But, I think the main distraction for just my own mind. It wanders often. =)

I'm sooooo glad that the weekend is here. It seems I've been running around a lot this week, so I'll be glad to just relax.
Oh, did I mention that it is still snowing? =)'s another letter to an inanimate object. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Dear Coat Hanger,
I pass by you daily when I walk in the door. I've never really took much notice of you though, except when I just load you down with coats. It seems a little rude, now that I think of it. But what do you want me to say? Hello? Like I'll really get an answer back. I've noticed you don't really talk. But, thanks for holding all our coats and hats.
Rose Grubb

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