Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Only 13 days to go!!!

13 days until The Host by Stephenie Meyer comes out! Grr..I hate waiting for all these books to come out. Oh well. There's still a lot of days (101, to be exact) until Breaking Dawn comes out, but at least I'll have The Host for the summer. =) So..being the obsessed fan I am, I love checking out all the different sites for the books. I recently found one called Twilight Guy. It's this guy who's blogging about the books as he reads the series for the first time. I'm one of those people, that absolutely loves to hear what everyone else thinks of certain books..so, I love reading his blog. If you want to check it out, clicketh the link. http://www.twilightguy.com/

Still nothing to report about the band...we're having a hard time getting started..since none of us really know how to play our guitars still. But, as soon as I've got anything to report, I promise I'll report it. =)

Hm..I'm trying to find some really good books to read while I wait for Stephenie to release her new books..so if anyone has any recommendations, please please please tell me!!

Ohhhh...I started another blog too!! This one is dedicated to music, one of my favorite subjects. http://music4therapy.blogspot.com/ <<< There be the link!

Hope everyone has an awesome week.


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Sam said...

Hm..it's not letting me view your blog. =(

Patty said...

summertime's lazy, longer days will be perfect for getting that band going. do we have to build a garage?

Don said...

Love you blog. I read some of your past entries, and can't wait to read your book once it is finished.
Love you,

Laura said...

only 99 more days till breaking dawn!!!!! yay!!! :)

Laura said...

only 99 more days till breaking dawn!!!!! yay!!! :)

Sue said...

I just finished reading Marley and Me. It's about the worst behaved dog (except for our Rocky of course!). It was laugh out loud funny! The end is sad, so you can just skip it if you want to! predictable sad ending...

I read the other Bolyen girl and really enjoyed that one...but I think you already read it?

Have you ever read the Listener? I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that book. Great Grandma Kinney read that with me years ago when Ross and I first got married.

Love your blog!!! do I get to read your book too?