Monday, April 7, 2008

I've lost the feeling in my fingertips on my left hand, I'm extremely tired, and still strumming.

Yes, this is about my lovely guitar. I got it summer of '07. I didn't learn how to play it until the beginning of '08. (Many many thanks to Andy for being patient through the countless times I struggled through tuning and lessons!!) Now, I can hardly put it down again. I will admit that after I got home from WA there was a time when I really didn't play. Recently, I got back in to it, and am LOVING IT. (Of course..this might have something to do with the band..xD) So, today, I picked it up, tuned it (I'm much better at that now.) and started to play. I couldn't put it back down. I only switched between the few chords that I know, but by the time I was finished playing, I couldn't really feel anything with my left fingertips. I had lost this sensation after about that month where my poor guitar just sat in it's case, but it quickly returned. It's kind of funny to reach over and touch something..and not really be able to feel it underneath your fingertips. Of course, I am slightly aware that I'm touching something, it's just kinda hard to tell what it is. (If you've ever played guitar, I'm sure you know the feeling. If you haven't, well, you're missing out!!) This, of course, helps when you're playing guitar for a while, because then it doesn't hurt to push down on the strings hard enough to actually make a GOOD sound. Anyways, I just felt like rambling about my awesome, beautiful, and absolutely wonderful guitar. =)

I must say, my sister, Molly is pretty much awesome. (Don't' worry're awesome too. In your own weird way, that is.) She's introduced me to some awesome stuff that I never would have fell in love with if she hadn't gotten me hooked. For example, the band Good Charlotte. I never listened to them, and now, I'm a complete fan. And, most recently, the show The Hills. I was in the room with her one time, and she started to watch it. Of course, I get confused since this is pretty much the first time I've watched the show (I've caught glimpses before-but never really understood it.) Now, I'm addicted. I'm as bummed as Molly that it's on the exact same night, the exact same time as the CMT awards. (it's a very horrible coincidence.) So, many thanks to Molly for everything she's ever done for me. I'm very fortunate to have sisters that are my friends as well. Of course, we fight, but that's part of being a sister. We get over things quickly, and are buddies again. I don't know what I would do without my sisters.

So, there are all my random thoughts!! (the first picture, obviously, is my guitar. The second one is me and Molly at the hockey game. That was a FUN night!!)

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Molly Moose said...

I am so excited that you love the Hills as much as I do (well, maybe a tiny bit less!) But it is so fun to have a lot in common with you. You are definetly the one person I most want to get hooked on stuff (except drugs, if you ever do drugs, I'll dropkick you to Shelby!) Love you little one! Molly